Copiers as we have known them in the past, are an item of the 70's 80's and 90's. The integration of the computers, communications to include those with "Printers" are a essential of today's business. In the Old days of copiers, they were bulky and impossible to work on, if a drum needed to be replaced, you would have to call the service people out to replace the drum. When is the last time you had to replace a drum in your laser printer? and you were able to do it your self. This is the benefit of a Multi Functional Peripheral (MFP). The user can perform the emergency maintenance, that in the past would be a couple of days before a copier service man would show up.

Today's MFP products is simply a Printer, with attachments, i.e. Collator, today called mailboxes, Stapler, Hold Puncher, Scanner with an automatic Document Feeder, and Fax Machine.

A multifunction peripheral (MFP) is defined as a device that incorporates two or more functions, including copying, faxing, printing and scanning. The principal benefit of an MFP is its ability to provide department-wide access to all of its functions via a direct connection to a company's network.

A MFP product gives you the power to control the entire document creation, delivery and output process directly from your desktop, and it does so with greater efficiency and reliability than the "COPIER" competition

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